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Current iOS Bug Fixes

110-bug@2xBUGS!!! Yes, we found some bugs. When attempting to select an image from your photo library on the iOS platform bad things happen. Due to embarrassment, my face looks like a red delicious apple right now. LogVine Image Upload Failed1, you can’t even select anything from your photo library without the application locking up. 2, you have to shutdown the application and remove it from memory (double click the iOS home button) and start again! If this happened to you, we have a fix! Oh and most importantly, we owe you an apology. So here it is. Sorry about that! The fix is now in the application review queue at Apple.

Also, we had another big issue with GoDaddy SSL certificates not working out for us. I documented this in the permies forum as well. The solution was simply for us to purchase a “real” GeoTrust wild-carded SSL certificate. The GoDaddy SSL certificate we purchased turned out to be untrusted in the iOS Safari browser. When a user signs up for a LogVine account they are asked to verify their email address. This process was breaking down for everyone, including me on my iOS 8.1.3 devices! The fix was simply to setup a new server and route people to for handling authentication. I dislike going to www2, but I have no choice until I can get all the 1.1 versions of the LogVine application upgraded to 1.3.

We just submitted yesterday (March 3rd, 2015) the iOS version 1.3 update to Apple for their routine review process. Version 1.3 will fix the following issues.
1. Image screen was locking up if you selected to load an image from the current library.
2. The original SSL certificate used was inferior and we’ve since selectively mapped our DNS to our new GeoTrust SSL certificate hosts.