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Make your 2016 a Gardening Success by using Micro-Logs

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve forgotten about when I did something last in my gardening exploits.  Using the LogVine free Micro-Log service, you can avoid forgetting when you applied fertilizer, water, or nutrients.   I used to write little notes on my iPhone using the notes application for when I did things last.  This worked reasonably well, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with the flow of things.

What is a micro-log?  It is a short-handed approach to storing something of importance.  Micro-logs are significant because they can save you a lot of time in recalling when you performed an action last.  My rose garden nearly died 1 month ago due to black rot and rust.  I was faced with having to do something about the problem.  I applied a late evening foliar spray of neem oil.  I needed to apply the spray every 7-10 days.  In order to remember the timing I wrote a quick  micro-log stating “home” “roses” “neem oil”.  Think of this like a quick tweet that  helps me remembers something.  Here it is on the phone:

"Home" "roses" "neem oil"

This particular entry is super simple to fill out and will keep a record in the cloud and locally on my iPhone device that acts as a nice memory trail.

Moving ahead, I also can drill into some of my other logs at a high-level here.

High level view of a few "home" "roses" logs.


Well that is wrap for this brief gardening entry.