Announcing the LogVine Version 1.4 iOS Application Update

Application Version 1.4 Apple Store Update

Announcing the LogVine application version 1.4 Apple Store update!  We’ve been busy chasing bugs among other things this release.  Anyway, the application version 1.4 Apple store update is live now!  Let’s break it down for you here.

Bug Fixes …

Chris - Bummed About LogVine Bug

Chris – Bummed about LogVine Bugs

The default main view started to no longer render things in the correct order with the latest iOS 8.2 update.  We were as baffled as you might have been, but targeting some wholesome energy brought this puppy back home.  The latest version should no longer have this issue.   I was trying to log data about my fish when all of sudden it stopped appearing!  The data was rest-assured stored in our cloud and on the iOS device, but it wasn’t rendering in the correct spot.  *sigh*  We fixed it.

There are numerous other bug fixes, but I won’t dig into them here as the biggest issue was the wall view not sorting properly.

One other thing we did do this round was patch the web servers.  We’re using some pretty powerful software called “Django” and Python.  There was a security patch released from the Django team and we reacted within about 6 hours of their announcement.  We value the security of your data!

Yeah yeah, but iWatch …

Yes, yoiWatch from Appleu read that right,  there is a lot of excitement drumming around iWatch.   We coded out a light-weight iWatch implementation in this release.  Sadly, we didn’t read the fine print on the Apple Web Site until right after we attempted to upload the iWatch software embedded into the LogVine app.  Apple has some pretty darn good filters and immediately denied the LogVine binary.  We’ve since conditionally turned off the iWatch application from being included into the binary release.  I can personally vouch that we’ll be releasing it when Apple gives its blessing that we can start pushing applications into the store.

Happy micro-logging folks!

LogVine iOS Application Version 1.4 has been released!

Chris is Happy! Things are stable again.

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